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frequently asked questions

A: There are many types of orchids in a variety of forms ready for delivery including:

  • Flasks: orchid baby plants in flasks,
  • Seedlings: orchid baby plants in 1″ pot,
  • Potted plants: orchid pot plant in 3.5″ pot (both about-to-bloom and blooming)
  • Orchid cut flower.

A: Our company mainly focuses on “Dendrobium” variants. But we are in partnership with other farms that specialize in other genus. For those who are interested in other species, contact us.

A: Since we are wholesaler, a minimum quantity order is required. This minimizes difficulties when managing stock and preparing shipments. In terms of customers, it is not worth the freight and shipment of handling cost if the order is too small.

A: If you are new to this category of floral business, We recommend you to establish good relationships with potential customers such as flower shops, hotels, or supermarkets and learn from them what kind of products they are interested in or what they can sell.

A: If you have no experience importing plants to your country, you should study your country’s importing regulations e.g. import permit. In some countries, for instance, organic growing material like coconut fiber is forbidden and will cause your plants to be seized at customs and destroyed. We are happy to work with you and share our knowledge of these complicated issues.